24 Nov

Take The Bounce

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Each Episode consist of material from a single workshop that stood out in our minds as especially outstanding, where the energy of the group and the point the Teachings had reached just prior to the event came together and made the seminar something truly special.

Contrast Helps You to Sharpen Your Focus
The Bounce That Launches Your Desire
Vortex of Creation: Where the Bounces Go
Take the Bounce Into Your Expanded Now
How to Get in the Vortex
How to Stay in the Vortex
Dad’s Negativity Disrupts His Sanctuary
On Which Reality Do You Want to Focus?
How We Fit Into the Eternal Scheme

How Can She Bring Balance to Her Body?
Does Our Ego Block Our Success?
How Does Source Energy Experience Time?
Helping Loved Ones Align With Hope
Getting to Exhilaration From Depression
Overcoming the Habit of Self-Doubt
Your Real Power Is In All the Little Decisions
Explaining the Laws of the Universe
Feel – Don’t See – The Contents of Your Vortex

Noticing the Emotions That Go With Your Thoughts
The Power of Forgiveness
Is Following What Feels Good Always Good?
Is He Kidding Himself About Feeling Happy?
You Came Knowing the Value of Contrast
The True Definition of Courage
He Has a Problem With Unearned Abundance
He Wants to Inspire His Employees to Action
Maintaining a Thriving Physical Body
She Wants to Know She’s on the Right Path
Leaving Her Child for a Business Trip Is Unsettling
The Difference Between Gratitude & Appreciation
He‘s Frustrated He Can’t Help Others More
How to Train Expectation to Get What You Want

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