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Yamashita treasure - AsianFanatics Forum

There had been this myth.. legend in the Philippines about these treasures that are buried everywhere in the country. During the WW2, General Yamashita... buried these ...

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The Enigmatic Yamashita Treasure | All Philippines

The legendary Yamashita treasure, said to be a collection of gold, jewels, and precious artifacts amassed by the Japanese forces during World War II mostly in the South ...

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WW2, Hitler Speeches - Hitlers Third Reich and World War II in ...

World War II in the News is a daily edited review of WWII articles - including German WW2 militaria - providing thought-provoking collection of hand-picked WW2 information.

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Talk:Yamashita gold - SgWiki

Yamashitas treasures have been found and lost . Yamashitas Gold?? The name of the Japanese general who defeated the British in Malaya and Singapore during World War II ...

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Treasure hunt tips - YouTube - YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Treasure hunt tips ilocanoobserver 119 videos Subscribe Subscribed. Sign In or Sign Up now!

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Print Page - WW2 Japanese Treasure hidden in Mindanao, Philippines.

Treasure Hunting Metal Detecting Forum Message Boards - Detector Hunter Whites Minelab Tesoro XP Treasure Hunting =u003E Yamashita Treasure =u003E Topic started by: Gary on ...

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Reference History WW2 Japan - Berkeley CSUA MOTD

2010/8/19-9/7 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:53928 Activity:nil: 8/19 I have business in Osaka. I would like to see Kyoto and, preferably, Tokyo.

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YAMASHITAS TREASURE (PHILIPPINE WWII LOOT) ... Good info here: ... Feel free to post anything about treasure hunting in the ...

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Ww2 treasure sign and meanings

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