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Georgia Performance Standards

... adolescent literature to a literary web or unit by ... --Plan and complete several different types of writing ... MATH 3010 . MATH 3010, MATH 3020

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Appendix: Sample 6-Page Template

UbD Elementary Algebra Unit. Unit Title: Operations With Polynomials ... Subject/Topic: Math Tech 2. Key Words: Monomial ... Stage 3- Plan Learning Experiences. Stage 2 ...

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Readers Workshop Unit of Study Year-long Planner

Readers Workshop Unit of Study Year-long Planner: Grade Five ... NOTE: In the upper elementary grades, comprehension strategy use is an integrated ...

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Todd was identified as gifted and talented in elementary ... make up my weekend plans with my friends! I plan ... Mr. Luther knew at the outset of his chemistry unit on ...

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Instructional Improvement Process (IIP)

Study Stage 1 of the UbD unit; Identify misconceptions, critical vocabulary ... What deliberate practice will be needed to include in the Learning Plan to ...

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Formative Assessment Classroom Techniques (FACTS)

involves teachers assessing frequently and using the results to plan next steps ... Can be used throughout a unit; Can also be Commit and Pass*

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PowerPoint Presentation

Math ... Understanding by Design model. UbD is now the only unit ... Plan for Understanding Lessons and Activities Based on Wiggins and McTighe, Understanding by Design ...

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PLANNING Template: Individual Lesson Design

UBD Lesson Template 3 MAJOR LEARNING EXPERIENCES and Accompanying Resources: (What will the teacher and students be doing? With what? Be sure to include learning experiences ...

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Professional Development Plan Plan is Effective: 2009 -2010

Last Revised 7/2009 P. O. Box 259 Berlin, N. Y. 12022 Professional Development Plan Plan is Effective: 2009 -2010 District: Berlin Central School District BEDS Code: ...

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target area code student engagement strategies action strategy / expectations results results timeline responsible person(s) cost / resources relationshipdistrict ...

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Phase 6 Action Plan

Newcastle Phase 6 Action Plan School: Newcastle Elementary Grade/Department: Elementary Content Area: Math 07-08 CIP Goal: In 2010, 85% of fifth grade students will meet ...

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UbD Lesson Plan Template

UbD Lesson Plan TEACHER: DATE: CLASS: STEM. UNIT: 2 -4. LESSON TITLE: Good Debt, Bad Debt: Using Credit Wisely. Information from Stage 1: Desired Results

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Star Math, GKIDS Goal 1 Goal 2 ... best practices K-5 through UBD lesson and unit ... Superintendents visit each elementary school principal to plan the ...

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Training for the New Georgia Performance Standards

Plan learning experiences. Enduring understandings ... Use as organizers for the unit, making the ... Understanding By Design by Grant. Wiggins and Jay McTighe

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PowerPoint Presentation - NELMS

Sequence activities in plan book; Correlate Class Profile ... the first and last task/prompt/assessment of a unit ... Or a struggling math student might have to do only the ...

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Slide 1

explain that the ELA KUDs are not intended to be unit ... * Once the group is broken into to elementary and secondary ... UbD vs. LFS THE DELAWARE PRIORITIZED CURRICULUM ...

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Education 321/521

... of teaching math and science in the elementary grades. ... UbD Math/Science Unit (40 points) Students will be developing an ... They learn how to plan and differentiate ...

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iii IntroductionThe Logic of Backward Design Introduction .....3-5 A Social Studies Unit ...

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content standards

Understanding By Design and Curriculum Mapping page 2009 Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins Two Big Ideas of UbD 3 stages of Backward Design Teach Assess for Understanding ...

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Benchmark Courses and Assessments in tables

BS Elementary Education: Benchmark Courses and Assessment Cornerstone A Module EDU 303N My Educational Philosophy, My Mentors: A Reflective Comparison 8 EDU 363N A ...

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Conic Sections lesson- The Ellipse

... and problem solve how one is formed in non-elementary ways ... then too on the uses and disadvantages of using a math ... of the activities that follow (in the lesson plan ...

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Please plan time to visit the Exhibit Hall ... Preschool and Elementary Math Content Standards: An ... Understanding by Design and Differentiated Instruction in ...

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503 syllabus Ju Adaptation.doc 1 NOTE: Changes in this syllabus as a result of my participation in the Asian Theater Project included two items.

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Assessment for Learning

Sample second grade math task . CREATE ... in UbD Book pages 157- 160 See elementary example of mail order friend on ... Understanding by design (2nd ed.). Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

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Differentiated Instruction Presentation

... the most important for the world of math. Students can use the paper to plan ... Think-Tac-Toe Money Unit Complete any ... * * * * Jared Lampus 6th grade @ Buffalo Elementary ...

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Persuasive Writing

Part I-Unit Overview. Name: L.S. Title of Unit: Persuasive ... Part II-Identify Desired Results (Stage one, UbD) ... Corley Elementary: Persuasive Writing

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Download - TypePad

Or a struggling math student might have to do ... From Understanding By Design (Wiggins, McTighe) ... Educational Assessment for the Elementary and Middle ...

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UbD Unit Template Revised : 4/7/04 ... Math is an important tool in science. How ... with library and technology staff to plan and implement the unit.

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Curriculum Design from Performance Standards

Understanding by Design Framework . Adapted for use in EDUC621 ... on and emphasize in this unit? Refer to UbD book pages 73-74 ... Second Grade Math Students will ...

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WPS Prof.Dev Plan 2010-2011

professional development plan westford public schools wps plan 2010-2011

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Mathematics Curriculum Study Report 2007-2008

Table of Contents 1. List of committee members and meeting times 2. Description of the committees process 3. Philosophy and goals 4. Description of the program as it ...

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Farmington Public Schools Curriculum Bulletin

Farmington Public Schools Curriculum Bulletin From the Office of the Assistant Superintendent March 10, 2003 Dr. Eileen S. Howley How Does Our Reading Curriculum ...

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Understanding by Design: Beginning the Journey

... an assessment and learning plan; Review unit of ... food was conducted with students from elementary ... Understanding by Design Professional Development Workbook ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

... evaluate the three stages of Understanding by Design ... Implementation of TIA and UBD Lesson Design School Plan ... UBD is actually a UNIT DESIGN process; however as ...

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Cascade Ridge 2007-2008 CIP _2_

School: Cascade Ridge Elementary School Grade/Department: Elementary Content Area: Math Cascade Ridge 2007-2008 CIP _2_

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Understanding by Design

Understanding by Design . Author / Designer: Kathy Kraft . Unit of Study Title: Fur, Feathers ... (example: math story problems ... Washington Elementary: Writing ...

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Ubd unit plan elementary math

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