Compilation for titanic questions for 9th graders
Key Elements

... reading about the sinking of the Titanic ... and more, I couldnt count on my 9th ... driven by their essential questions. This is very difficult for third gradersthey ...

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... knowledge and creativity: Drop It (capsules were built to keep eggs from breaking when dropped one story), Skyscrapers, Sink or Float, and a Titanic Scavenger Hunt (done ...

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Titanic pg. 380. Silver Burdett English. Chapter 2. Teaching Strategies: 2.4.3 ... How well did they do on the Scavenger hunt? District Assessment: 3.2.2 Sequence/Time: On ...

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History of the development of the movie camera from the National ...

Or, 11th graders writing in Adam Kinorys English ... comparison between the three- and ask students questions ... as well as films such as Titanic. PBS Nova: special ...

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You might consider just taking the second graders into the prompt without pre-writing ... The Titanic is a good example of this. It hit an iceberg in 1912 and only 700 of the ...

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Required Readings for 9th Grade English - Semester One

... and Juliet Interpretations: A New Look at Poems pp. 169-178 The Use of Questions pp ... in Wales My Friend Albert Einstein Flood The Most Important Day Titanic Poetry ...

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You Wouldnt Want to Sail on the Titanic!

famous ship Titanic was built, what it was like, who set sail on it, and the ... have students go on an Internet scavenger hunt at the Ellis Island website.

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Galeton Area School District

4.0 1.0 JF Lor Scavenger hunt Lorimer, Janet. 4.0 1.0 JB Mit Sports great ... 4.7 4.0 JF Cri White Star: a dog on the Titanic Crisp, Marty. 4.7 4.0 F ...

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Student Writing Samples

The Titanic has lied on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean for 86 years. This guy name Robert Ballard found the Titanic. It was pretty close to its desttonation when it sank.

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Interactive Science Search

In WonderWorks, at how many minutes after impact was the deck angle of the RMS Titanic the steepest? _____ 9. What was the major cause of death when the RMS Titanic ...

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Washington DC Scavenger Hunt

Washington DC Scavenger Hunt Soon we will all take a journey to our nations capital ... Seen the movie Titanic ? I bet this beauty inspired . The Hope Diamond is a large ...

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HolocausFinalMarch07 - Rolf Knight

History is full of doubts and questions and the prejudices of a later age. ... Both of these aspects of the plan were written into the bombing directions of 9th ...

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6th Grade Suggested Summer Reading

Hunt, Irene. Up a Road Slowly. After her mothers ... members of the Benedict Society, embark on a scavenger hunt ... Heroine of the Titanic: the Real Unsinkable Molly Brown.

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... Carolyn Keene 7 Expecting the Unexpected Mavis Jukes 4 Exploring the Titanic ... Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Alvin Schwartz 3 Scat Carl Hiaasen 12 Scavenger Hunt ...

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Titanic questions for 9th graders

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