Compilation for synonym list for fourth grade
Basic Reading Inventory (B

Michael was sure that the next list was also going to be a breeze so I handed him the fourth grade list and he ... magnifying glass showing their partner the synonym list ...

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Third Grade Illinois Assessment Framework

Fourth Grade Illinois Assessment Framework ... suffixes, and word roots (see Roots and Affixes list ... sys (e.g., symmetry, synonym, system) peri- (e.g ...

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Grades 2-11 ELA CST - Standardized Testing and Reporting (CA Dept ...

(Grade 12 curriculum) 1) contrast the major literary forms, techniques, and characteristics of the major literary periods (e.g., Homeric Greece, Medieval Period ...

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Cumberland County Schools - Antonyms

Grade: Fourth . Time: 30-40 minutes . I. PLAN . A. NCSCS Goal 1: The learner ... Attachment C Synonym/Antonym Word List Attachment D Synonym/Antonym Paragraph ...

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Reading Curriculum Guide

Grade 12. What is written is taught is tested! ... If a synonym is provided as a cue to meaning, it will be ... In the fourth paragraph, Marge tells us that she loves ...

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Descriptive Words 2nd grade

compose a list of synonyms from adjectives chosen in ... 2nd Grade Activity created by Laurie Stevens ... will appear in the Replace with Synonym: window.

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Georgia Performance Standards for Fourth Grade

Georgia Performance Standards for Fourth Grade Language Arts Terms for Georgias (CRCT ... CRCT Fifth Grade Terms Vocabulary. Homophone. Homograph. Antonym. Synonym

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CST Release Test Questions: Comprehension

Fourth/fifth Grade Main Idea/Details In this passage, the author mainly____. ... Synonym What is a synonym for the underlined word? Prefixgive ...

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GRADE LEVEL: 4th. ORGANIZING IDEA: General . TITLE / SUBJECT: Using a Thesaurus ... 110.6.b.9.C Use multiple reference aids, including a thesaurus, a synonym finder, a ...

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Revised July 13, 2006 Grade Four

As they read, students in the fourth grade independently use a variety of ... Identifies and applies the meaning of the terms antonym, synonym, and homophone.

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Cancellation, Annulment, Abrogation Dog, Cur, Hound, Pooch Blood ...

10th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms 1 Accentuate, Emphasize, Stress Adept, Skilled, Able, Expert Affront, Insult, Offend, Encounter

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Fourth Grade Skills Block Plans 2008-2009

When you want a more interesting synonym. Using a students draftbook ... Follow the path game board and word cards Fourth grade HFW list Appendices:

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Core Content for

04 = fourth grade 2 = Developing an Initial Understanding. 05 = fifth grade 3 = Interpreting Text. 06 = sixth grade 4 = Reflecting and Responding to Text

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Word Bank of No Excuse Words for Writing

Fourth Grade No Excuse Words the of and a to in is you that it he for was on are as with his they at be this from I have or one had not but what all were when ...

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Synonym list for fourth grade

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