Compilation for summative assesment examples for 2nd grade teachers
First Grade

First Grade Core Texts Houghton Mifflin Anthologies 1. ... and Teachers Edition Houghton Mifflin California Summative ... remember that our community is full of real-life examples ...

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Formative Assessment Activities

For a comprehensive guide to Classroom Assessment Techniques: Angelo, T.A. Cross, P.K. (1993) Classroom Assessment Techniques (2nd ed.) San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

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Differentiated Instruction

KDU 2nd grade LA Ronald Morgan Goes To Bat ... Ongoing Assessment Fair and Valid Summative Assessment ... Assessment Planning Review diagnostic assessment examples ...

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K-3 reading assessment

Examples of widely used general progress monitoring tests ... Formative and Summative Assessment The termformative ... from those administered at the end of 1st, 2nd, and ...

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Deficit Model

Examples: Universal Screening Strategic Monitoring ... May Watts 1st Grade Target Time 4 1st grade teachers ... Know that Things Went Well Patterson 1st to 2nd grade ...

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Grade Writing Assessments

Examples included in the assessments are for teachers use only. Do not use these with the students. ... Sixth Grade Writing 14 Narrative Essay: Grade 6 Listen and Write ...

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Interventions 101: Planning and Scheduling

... make changes mid-course Summative assessment ... common planning time to facilitate grade-level meetings Examples ... at 3rd grade Began testing in 2nd grade and ...

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Grade 3 and Grade 4

... Assessment of Skills and Knowledge Mathematics Grade 3 ... OR These are just two examples of the many possible ways ... in oral and written form with their classmates, teachers ...

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Recommendations for the use of Diagnostic Tests in Reading First ...

... in reading instruction; and, 4) summary and examples of ... to every struggling reader in a class or grade. Rather ... childs score on any of these tests can help teachers ...

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PowerPoint Presentation - Assessment Evaluation

... tests, quizzes, homework , lab reports, teacher Summative ... K. (1993) Classroom Assessment Techniques (2nd ed) San ... between top and bottom of the class for clear grade ...

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Document 1: Table of Contents

... of degrees and in particular the issue of 1st and 2nd ... C. y Spencer, S.M.(1994): Competency Assesment Methods. ... study-programme of that respective subject area (Examples ...

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Examples that can be added to those already ... work, in their work with 1st and 2nd grade school ... BLACK, P.J. (1993b) Formative and summative assessment by teachers ...

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Authentic Assessment Tools

... The University of Georgia Skillful and effective teachers ... 1996) reports the results of a study of second-grade ... 41 Tools (Scott) rubrics provide examples of what students ...

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Scheme of Assessment

... get minimum `C` grade in all the subjects. SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Summative Assessment 1 will be held in the 2nd week of September and Summative ... taken up by the teachers ...

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WIDA Standards and ESL Curriculum Alignment

... provided a sample of academic activities in different subject areas at each level of language proficiency and grade ... Determine Acceptable Evidence Summative Assessment ...

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Some popular examples are The Minute Paper, One ... The way to grade an assignment so that it can ... assessment techniques: A handbook for college teachers (2nd ed.).

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Formative Assessment Strategies

Common ways for challenging misconceptions (1) direct refutation, (2) examples that point out why the misconceptions are not reasonable, (3) using visual models that give ...

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Response-to-Intervention Pilot Kindergarten and First Grade

PS/RtI Project Pilot Schools SBLTSelf-Assessment of ... Summative tests are one source of data (FCAT) 80% or ... document and some Annenburg videos with 4th grade teachers

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Training Period

... section up-to-date and with the weekly self-assesment ... A summative comment will be made which refers to the ... and Medwell, J (2000) QTS English for primary teachers, 2nd ...

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Grades 2-3, Dance and Science

: 2nd grade GATE cluster. Group Size: 18. Goal: Math 2 ... Summative Assessment: Students will be tested on their ... Included in the paper are examples of activities for geometry ...

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... and to place some illustrative examples of ... clarity with regard to Formative and Summative Assessments. 7. To motivate teachers ... will be (8 15) 10 = 5.33 = 5 = Grade ...

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Using Problem-Based Learning (PBL) To Meet the Science and ...

... to share with team What Teachers Do What Students Do Authentic assessment ... may develop formative AND summative assessment ... shtml Lets see what activities 2nd ...

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ISSN 0827 3383

Teachers Attitudes Toward Students With Disabilities In ... public education is free from first to sixth grade ... Examples of integration models in the USA and Canada can ...

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Performance Standards

Assessment Terms Formative vs. Summative Assessment ... GRASPS Ideas Sample second grade math task CREATE AN ... html RubiStar is a free online tool to help teachers ...

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