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EJPE Book Review

... view to motivate the proposed solution ... between statistical and substantive significance in the abuse of significance testing takes ... These two examples demonstrate how the ...

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Guidebook on Writing the Quality Assurance Review Report

... providing the institution with tangible, substantive ... examples are provided throughout the guide to aid the ... not prescribe a monetary solution to a problem (e.g ...

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Following are a few examples of differences between how ... for tests of details and a revised level of substantive ... ledger balance for accounts receivable and (2) testing ...

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Audit of Cash and Other Liquid Assets

Substantive Testing of Cash Balances Common types of misstatements regarding cash include: ... Audits of Derivative Instruments (continued)-Examples: Call Option Put ...

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Chapter 10

When testing the operating effectiveness of those ... indicates the need for tests of controls and substantive ... Internet Problem Solution: Disclosure of Material ...

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Auditing 1: Module 10 course notes

Solution 10.2 Long-term debt - Substantive procedures - Content Links S ... basic audit procedures in the substantive testing of ... and page 503 provides three examples ...

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Probable Cause, Reasonable Suspicion, and Reasonableness Standards ...

They are instead fluid concepts that take their substantive content from the particular ... The special needs standard has been invoked in drug testing cases and a comparable ...

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Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Power of a Test*

... Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Power: 1 http://www ... does not exist in CI 5 Substantive interpretation Substantive ... Some examples include POWER and GLMPOWER of SAS/STAT ...

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x 2 and the Logic of Formal Hypothesis Testing ... STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE does NOT = SUBSTANTIVE ... Solution: Use good theory; Use lowest ...

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Fall 2003

Examples of Chapter 14 problems are included on the following pages, in ... control risk too high, and as a result unnecessarily increased substantive testing.

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Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning

No problem solution is ever guaranteed to achieve the ... methods of decision analysis and sensitivity testing ... Learn to make up for a lack of substantive knowledge in ...

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Discuss Linking Environment Risk Assessment Substantive Testing . The rigor of substantive testing is inversely related to the assessed level of environment risk

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Examples would be location of the office, office ... For a finding and a solution to be economically ... Substantive testing and the test of controls may be combined ...

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Revenue Cycle--Obtaining an Understanding and Testing Controls

... billing process (tied to shipping function) Effective controls for testing invoices ... review and approval of revenue estimates Reassess control risk and modify substantive ...

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Examples of service organizations are (AU 324.03 ... and the auditor did not test them, more substantive ... The extent of testing needed to provide the auditor ...

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Overview of Factor Analysis

By rotating your factors you attempt toflndafactor solution that is equal to that ... You are merelyfltting the data (and not testing theoretical constructs) if you ...

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Examples include: 1. The examination of vendor ... 13-14 Before reduced substantive testing is permitted, internal ... Internet Problem Solution: Assessing Effects of ...

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No Slide Title

... Verification of line item balances through substantive testing ... to Success Source Document Retention SOLUTION ... Source Documents Process Source Document Examples ...

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Chapter 9 Materiality and Risk

Related Parties Examples of related party transactions are those between parent ... Risk The auditor can reduce planned detection risk by performing more substantive testing.

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Other examples might include controls over managements ... When testing programmed control procedures the auditor ... Note: This solution is supported by an excel worksheet ...

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Chapter 1

LO# 1 Substantive Procedures Prepaid Insurance Tests of Details of the Prepaid Insurance Account Audit testing begins by obtaining ... following list includes examples of ...

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Chapter 13 Overall Audit Plan and Audit Program

Perform risk assessment procedures to understand internal control Assess control risk Determine extent of testing controls Design tests of controls and substantive tests ...

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Review Questions

There are many examples of business risks that may ... when they intend to use audit sampling for substantive testing ... 6-36The solution to this question will vary with the ...

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... to generate a number of ideas for solution of a ... discussion and increase in substantive testing ... FY 09 MAS contract volume for the schedule examples ...

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Exhibit 9

Examples of RTMs completed in the office are ... better understanding of how to conduct substantive testing ... If the problem defies solution, the County Auditor ...

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Examples include commitments to sell ... 16-36 (a) (4) Testing whether ... 16-39 SOLUTION: Internal Control, Tests of Controls, Substantive Procedures (Estimated ...

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A424: Chapter 17 Audit Sampling for Tests of Details of Balances

The amount by which the auditor expects the population to be misstated by before testing begins is called the _____ misstatement in the population.

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Segregation of Duties

11-10 The following are examples of disclosures for ... should be given particular attention in substantive testing ... Solution to Discussion Case . 11-31 a. The ...

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Chapter 8--Materiality, Risk and Preliminary Audit Strategies

The two extreme preliminary audit strategies are the primarily substantive approach and the lower assessed level of control risk approach. These approaches are used to ...

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Chapter 14 Audit of the Sales and Collectiion Cycle: Tests of ...

Audit of the Sales and Collection Cycle: Tests of Controls and Substantive Tests of ... Risk Sales Assess Planned Control Risk Sales Determine Extent of Testing ...

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Give examples of tests of controls for ... risk would result in a more substantive approach with little control testing. ... Purchasing Stars is a clue to the solution ...

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Chapter 15 Audit Sampling for Tests of Controls and ...

Sampling risk is an inherent part of sampling that results from testing less than the ... over financial reporting for public companies Nature, extent, and timing of substantive ...

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Substantive Tests in the Revenue/Receipt Cycle: Sales, Receivables ...

Thomson Learning 10 Substantive Tests in the Revenue/Receipt ... reasonable at the balance sheet date, and by testing ... Two examples: First, consider the case of Chambers ...

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Internal Controls in a Compliance Age

... for integrated assurance Case study examples Key ... in Data Extraction Client/Server System Substantive Testing ... to data analytics Select the right solution to meet ...

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Chapter 13 Overall Audiit Plan and Audit Program

Audit Program Tests of Controls and Substantive Tests of ... M N Audit 4 M M Amount of testing: Extensive, Medium, Small, None Substantive tests of ...

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A424: Chapter 15 Audit Sampling for Tests of Controls and ...

_____ error (risk) is an inherent part of sampling that results from testing less than the ... 5 Millennium Microsystems, Inc. Test of Controls and Substantive Tests of Transactions ...

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