Compilation for rubrics for the gifted

For the Gifted and Talented Application, Budget, Academic Plan and Visual and ... assessment tools may include but are not limited to: performance assessment rubrics ...

Submitter: d-emert
Learning Skills/Behavior Rubric

... was designed to focus on work or behavior typically addressed in gifted education. ... of a finished product, such as research project rubrics and writing rubrics.

Submitter: websquadwkg
Gifted Programming Evaluation Rubric Using NAGC Standards

Gifted Programming Evaluation Rubric Using NAGC Standards Adapted from An Innovation Component Configuration Map for Gifted Education created by Dr. Mary Evans ...

Submitter: karenpenick
Floridas Frameworks for K-12 Gifted Learners

Frameworks for K-12 Gifted Learners 9 INTERPRETING THE RUBRICS Rubrics use four markers to describe successful meeting of a particular trait. These markers are defined here ...

Submitter: pudgyme
Gifted Education IS Special Education

IEP Instructions for Students Identified as Gifted This power point presentation ... multiple choice tests, worksheets, charting, daily data sheets, checklists, rubrics ...

Submitter: msmelley
Beyond Classroom Enrichment Creative Units for Gifted Students

The teacher section contains goals, objectives and topic specific ready-to-use rubrics ... This book contains enough motivational activities to cover one years gifted program.

Submitter: lebougon
Textbook Evaluation Rubric

Learning disabled Average readers Gifted/talented Collaborate with teachers of the above students in the decision making process. Textbook Evaluation Rubric by Cheryl ...

Submitter: ddgraves
Curriculum and Instruction for Gifted Students: Part I

Creativity Instructional Strategies: Differentiating for Gifted Students in the ... Gardner From Multiple Intelligences: The Theory in Practice Assessment Rubrics Many ...

Submitter: whephen
KDE Program Review Guide for Arts Humanities

Individual evaluation plan (IEP)/504 plans/Gifted Service Plan/Individual Learning ... sheets, audio, video*Student created products and performances with rubrics or ...

Submitter: neriew

regarding the process for referring students for gifted education programming services. Referral forms are available in a variety of languages.

Submitter: bennypugh
Unit Plan Template

Gifted and Talented 3-5. 9-12. Resource. Other: 2-3 Targeted State Frameworks/Content ... For computer applications, rubrics and scoring guides will be used. Key Word Search ...

Submitter: farieda
Creating and Using Rubrics

Make Room for Rubrics Creating and Using Rubrics by Leda ... be stretched to reflect the work of both gifted and those with learning challenges. And Finally: Rubrics ...

Submitter: ledielty
PowerPoint Presentation

Answers to questions teachers with gifted students ask most often. * * * * * How this ... Rubrics are totaled and averaged. 90% is required to meet the criteria for Creativity.

Submitter: pcolvin
Title of Presentation

... for assessment the key word is BALANCE Concrete Semi-concrete Abstract Rubrics A ... real world contexts Tasks should be open enough to provide a challenge to gifted ...

Submitter: facarrollkastmanmu
Anne S. Faivus Specialist, Gifted Education Palm Beach School District

Teacher will need to develop rubrics with the student to determine what skills are ... Gifted students benefit when the modification and adaptation of curriculum and ...

Submitter: cncs
Development and Implementation of Written Education Plans (WEPs ...

Standards Gifted learners are children and youth with outstanding talent who perform ... Critique/Reflection __ Self-Evaluation __ Pre / post Tests __ Portfolio __ Rubrics ...

Submitter: fpoessel
Floridas Frameworks for K 12 Gifted Learners

implement gifted education services. The Program Goals include both an expository explanation and a set of rubrics to assist in the understanding

Submitter: emcp
Program Review for Practical Living/Career Studies

Process for Completing and Analyzing Rubrics NOTE: These will be determined at a ... maps * Master schedule *Individualized Education Plan (IEP)/504 plans/Gifted Service ...

Submitter: kingdaddy
Slide 1

English language learners gifted students special education ... Assessment Assessment Assessment Point-based Rubrics Assessment Assessment Your Classroom gifted students ...

Submitter: bill

The VALUE rubrics were developed by teams of faculty experts representing colleges and universities across the United States through a process that examined many ...

Submitter: allisonstr8
Unit Plan Template

Gifted Student: This unit was developed as a unit for gifted students. Student Assessment: Rubrics included in unit evaluation tools. Key Word Search: Mayans, Incas ...

Submitter: karthi_vkt
Resources for Facilitating Differentiated Instructional Planning

Aiming for Excellence: Gifted Program Standards. Annotations to the NAGC Pre-K-Grade ... A Collection of Performance Tasks and Rubrics for. High School Mathematics

Submitter: furnisxc
Gifted and Talented Video Library

Challenging the Gifted in the Regular Classroom. ASCD Code 494057. Includes one 50 ... Curriculum and Assessment for Ability Classrooms, and Using Performance Tasks Rubrics ...

Submitter: scgardner69

EXAMINATION OF CRITERIA BY SCORE POINT. FOCUS. 1. may only minimally address topic 2. is slightly related to topic or may offer little relevant information 3

Submitter: tripadkins2
Questioning, Literature Circles, and Choice in a Gifted Classroom

Questioning, Literature Circles, and Choice in a Gifted Classroom Pam Brown ... Eye Summer Reading SSR Literature Circles Writing Topics Projects/Research Rubrics ...

Submitter: beachmom24
Elementary Art Project Rubric

Elementary Art Rubric Students Name: _____Grade: _____ Date: _____ This project shows that the student: 1. followed directions.

Submitter: pauln
The Gifted Learner in the Regular Elementary Classroom

The Gifted Learner in the Regular Classroom Challenging Through Content, Process, and ... stimulate curiosity Product Modification Strategies Varied Products Varied Rubrics ...

Submitter: leemo_nsu
Cereal Box Book Report Rubric

Name: _____ Points Earned Points Possible Book was read by the specified due date. 10 Cereal Box is neat, colorful, and attractive.

Submitter: kmill604
Jacobs Ladder Reading Comprehension Program: A Supplemental ...

By Casey Carroll Grades 4-5 Honorable Mention Center for Gifted Education Talent Search Building Textual Understanding Underlying Assumption: Discourse that promotes ...

Submitter: kevinh86
Online Gifted Education Program: Student Products Using Rubrics

Online Gifted Education Program: Student Products Using Rubrics By: Theresa Monaco, Ph.D. Professional Background: Theresa Monaco is Professor of Curriculum and ...

Submitter: madeintheshade
Edgewood School Districts Gifted Identification Procedure and ...

performances (public, a school activity, or private) in order to fill out observation rubrics. All three observations must show specified scores for gifted identification.

Submitter: allieboom
Unit Plan Template

Gifted and Talented 3-5. 9-12. Resource. Other: Targeted State Frameworks/Content ... Student Assessment: The rubrics are given for three possible projects that assess the ...

Submitter: irenemcmahon
Rubric for Scoring Dance Performance Evaluation

Page 17 Rubric for Scoring Dance Performance Evaluation Student _____ Grade _____ Age _____ Date _____ ...

Submitter: reerhoown
Literary Analysis and Interpretation Scoring Rubric

Catherine A. Little Created Date: 11/15/2006 9:12:00 PM Company: Center for Gifted Education Other titles: Literary Analysis and Interpretation Scoring Rubric

Submitter: jwkoop
Ohio Department of Education Rubric for Scoring Drama/Theatre ...

17 CRITERIA EMERGING (0 Points) TYPICAL (1 Point each) ABOVE AVERAGE (2 Points each) SUPERIOR (3 Points each) Engagement Performs with little energy, focus, and/or ...

Submitter: ffo1946
StndsApprvd01: GATE (CA Dept of Education)

The program contains a clear description of performance expectations of gifted students defined at each grade level. c. Criteria for levels of performance or rubrics are ...

Submitter: sri123

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