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Islam: A Select Bibliography

Dupret, Baudouin, ed. Standing Trial: Law and the Person in the Modern Middle East. London: I.B. Tauris, 2004. Dupre, Baudouin, Maurits Berger and Laila al-Zwaini ...

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Being modern in the Middle East : revolution, nationalism, colonialism, and the Arab middle class / Keith David Watenpaugh. Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press ...

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Modern Middle East

Modern Middle East Spring 2009 Dr. Corinne Blake Office Hours: Mon and Wed. 8-15 ... Required Textbooks James Gelvin, The Modern Middle East: A History . New York: Oxford ...

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190.311 Syllabus 2009

James Gelvin, The League of Nations and the Question of National Identity in ... William Cleveland, A History of the Modern Middle East 3rd ed. (Westview, 2004), pp. 301-344.

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The Loathing of America

9: Cameron Brown, Middle East Anti-Americanism: September 11 and Beyond ... the European vision was coming to be a symbol for all the worst aspects of modern ...

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Topics in the International Politics of the Middle East

The Modern Middle East: A Political History Since ... journals. cambridge. org/download.php ... Thursday, August 24, 2006 Gelvin, James L. 2005. The modern Middle East: A ...

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Middle East History Reading List

... to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East Graham E. Fuller, A World Without Islam James L. Gelvin, The Modern Middle East ...

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Week 7: Political institutions and regime types in MENA Read: (PEME: Chapter 11), (AECW: Chapter 10) The Modern Middle East: A History, James Gelvin, Chapters ...

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Islam: A Select Bibliography

Gelvin, James. Divided Loyalties: Nationalism and Mass Politics in Syria at the ... Workers and Peasants in the Modern Middle East. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge

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MIT Open Co 21H.601 Islam, the Middle East, and the West

Gelvin, Jame. s L. The Modern Middle East: A History. New York, NY: Oxford . University Press, 2004. ISBN: 9780195167894. Course Organiz. ation The format of the class will be ...

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College Rpt.fall 05.1

With the rapid-fire delivery of a former New Yorker, historian James Gelvin, who specializes in the social and cultural history of the modern Middle East, recently posed ...

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James Gelvin, the Modern Middle East: A History Akram ...

Required Readings: James Gelvin, the Modern Middle East: A History Akram Khater, Sources in the History of the Modern Middle East Ian J. Bickerton and Carla L ...

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M. Phil. in MMES Paper: The History of the Middle East, 1860-1958

M. Phil. in MMES Paper: The History of the Middle East, 1860 ... Kural Shaw, History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern ... Arab Nationalism, 1920-1945 (1987) James Gelvin, The ...

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History 6b: History of the Modern Middle East from the Ottomans to ...

Joel Beinin and Joe Stork Political Islam William Cleveland A History of the Modern Middle East James Gelvin The Middle East: A History Ghassan Kanafani Men in ...

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We will examine the history of the language from Old English, through Middle and Early Modern ... regions - the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Near East, The Far East and ...

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According to James Gelvin, while Germany and France lost, respectively ... in understanding the development of scientific advancement of the modern Middle East.

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Rethinking Nationalism in the Arab Middle East

for Islamic Nationalism(Texas University Press, 1985); and A History of the Modern Middle East(Westview Press, 1994). James Gelvin is Assistant Professor of History ...

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