Compilation for dysphagia patient education handouts
Principals of Neurocritical Care in the Acute Stroke Patient

5% of the patient with ICH died of pulmonary ... Dysphagia, HTN, hyperglycemia, dehydration ... Monitoring neuro status; Family support and education

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Dysphagia Overview

* * Welcome: Introductions Discuss handouts Discuss Break (there is a ten minute one ... Dysphagia Overview Author: DD22177 Last modified by: SOT Created Date: 3/15/2006 4:09:16 ...

Submitter: mrsimon
Background 1

Geriatric Research, Education and Care Center Ann ... reflux symptoms in elderly Question 2: Dysphagia ... Gastrointestinal Disease in The Older Patient Objectives Handouts ...

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Preferences for Tues

... report this activity for continuing education credits. 2) Handouts ... Dysphagia: Its treatment in the profoundly retarded patient with cerebral palsy.

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EDUCATION/COMPETENCY PLANNING FORM Presentation Name: 6West ACE Training Days Presentation Dates/Times: 2009: 1/5; 1/14; 1/20/1/28 Learning needs assessment: (reason ...

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Primary Stroke Center Certification

Reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls; Reduce the ... Dysphagia Screening; Stroke Education; Smoking Cessation/Advice/Counseling

Submitter: david

HelpThis Patient Has a Trach! Basics and Beyond SCSHA, 2011: Charleston, SC Amy Dickson, MHA, MS, CCC-SLP au, RRT ; ...

Submitter: dmoorekc
Doctoring Course Syllabus

Review: handouts and checklist items for session. ... Any sore throats, hoarseness or dysphagia ... Patient Education: Yes No ASSESSMENT #2 ...

Submitter: jonanvisictoy735
Role Of Rehab In Improving Patient Outcomes

Microsoft PowerPoint - 707-OASIS Indicators that Trigger Therapy Intervention.ppt [Compatibility Mode]

Submitter: johnstanley
Swallowing Strategies

Department of Head and Neck Surgery Section of Speech Pathology Audiology M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (713) 792-6525 Swallowing Strategies 1) POSTURAL CHANGES: a ...

Submitter: marekslomka
Enteral Tube Feeding Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG ...

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG), Patient ... gastrostomy) Specific Indications - PEG Dysphagia - e ... However could argue that the increased education and ...

Submitter: spiheidi
Rehabilitation and restorative care

... pneumonia: NPO until dysphagia screen is completed and patient ... and discharge plan Handouts/resources given DOCUMENT EDUCATION ... learnt by the patient. Education ...

Submitter: ed9008
How Do I Cite the Nutrition Care Manual (NCM)?

How Do I Cite the Nutrition Care Manual (NCM)? The American Medical Association style citation for entire NCM Web site would be: American Dietetic Association.

Submitter: paighphalargy
DD-2 Ensuring Successful Food Service in DD Residential Facilities ...

Ensuring Successful Food Service in DD Residential Facilities Mary Vester-Toews, RD Dietary Directions, Inc. October 8, 2007 Welcome to Our Home Problem ...

Submitter: dwillis
Tracheostomy Cuffs

Microsoft PowerPoint - Conference Adult Presentation-Julie Kobak.ppt [Read-Only]

Submitter: gutfooke
Thickened Liquids = Dehydration? Factors Influencing Fluid Intake ...

Thickened Liquids One treatmentso many issues * Effects on swallow physiology * Preference (taste/consistency) * Pelletier (1997): healthy volunteers * Horwarth ...

Submitter: assoleesconse
Nutrition Care Process: Role of CDM

... Add New data to Medical Record Data collected from interview with resident/patient i ... Example: Nutrition Intervention PES- Inadequate protein intake related to dysphagia ...

Submitter: aababacacaba
Patient Handout

Patient Handout. Eating to Prevent Osteoporosis . What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a thinning of bone tissue and a loss of bone density over time.

Submitter: kevinh86
8C Neurological

... thirds the concentration of glucose in the patients ... clients must be evaluated to determine if dysphagia ... general education for clients with glaucoma

Submitter: superman
Interdisciplinary Decision-Making with Patients Requiring ...

1 Interdisciplinary Decision-Making with Patients Requiring Tracheostomy and Mechanical Ventilation Carrie Windhorst MS CCC-SLP Cheryl Wagoner MS CCC-SLP Ricque Harth ...

Submitter: pmeyers
Nursing 125 Clinical Guides and Assignments

... lesions, difficulty chewing, altered taste, dysphagia ... materials used at the site to assist in patient education. ... Physical assessment (see supplementary handouts)

Submitter: arson_20
Caring for adults with mental disabilities

In addition, written diagrams and handouts may be ... that is relatively nonthreatening (eg, patient education ... Acid-peptic disease, chronic constipation, dysphagia ...

Submitter: fatimab
Congenital Heart Defects

dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) dysphonia (hoarse voice) ... education needed on myths and realities of ... formulate teaching plan for patient and family

Submitter: jt
New Stroke/TIA Project

The NIH Scale and Dysphagia Screening will now be an ICU Only task ... This section will contain additional patient education handouts as well as Spanish ...

Submitter: bsteadman

Dysphagia patient education handouts

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