Compilation for compare and contrast activity for first grade
Comprehension Interactive Activities

Compare and Contrast Activity comparing and contrasting real life examples Activity with optional printable Chart to compare and contrast a movie and book Comparing and contrasting ...

Submitter: denis
Curriculum Map

Grade 1 Reading ... Draw a comparison and contrast of stories. Complete an activity sheet ... Sequencing (first, next and last) Compare/Contrast (similarities ...

Submitter: rouvierre
Making Connections Unit

... Question Lesson/ Activity 1 What ... 8 EQ: What does compare and contrast a story ... Mandy Gregory for Second Grade. 2008-2009. Both (compare) Me (Contrast)

Submitter: dog
Science Star - Ecosystem comparision (4th grade)

4 th grade Lesson Plan Ecosystem Comparison Standards: 2.a. Students know plants ... 30 minutes Pressed for Time: 15 minutes Objective: Students will compare and contrast a coral ...

Submitter: olayemi
Life Science Organization of Living Things

(1) The first grade life science curriculum builds on ... They compare and contrast the advantages of sexual vs. asexual ... and recognize possible consequences for activity ...

Submitter: jumperspb
Social Studies

Activity Worksheet. GRADE LEVEL: Third Course Title ... Places, and Cultures Grade Level Standard: 3-5 Compare and contrast people ... you are using this for the first grade ...

Submitter: draicaquamime
Grade Writing Assessments

... Personal Narrative 1 February Compare/Contrast Essay May ... Sixth Grade Writing 13 Narrative Essay: Grade 6 Listen ... Sixth Grade Writing 23 Persuasive Organizer First ...

Submitter: anem191
Which one is different?

Suggested grade level: K, 1 or 2 Corresponding software: Mathville Kidway , Pick a Winner activity Curriculum expectations ... patterns such as shapes Geometry: *Compare ...

Submitter: horaunlalay
Literary Elements/ Text Features Mini Unit

Compare and Contrast WITHIN Texts Mini Unit. R 2.3.1 ... *How do the (first authors/subjects ... Activity #4 . Guided Reading- 7th Grade Informational Reading Passage ...

Submitter: xavier1983
PSSA Writing Test

In the 11 th grade, you must demonstrate proficiency in ... Compare/Contrast Essay; Descriptive Essay; Narrative Procedure ... chronological order (first to last) Use of ...

Submitter: aidensherman86
Compare Contrast/Similarities Differences Mini Lessons

Partners will first discuss ways in which they are similar (hair or eye ... one of the graphic organizers. Do a Word Splash vocabulary activity using the compare/contrast ...

Submitter: attisynouriny
Text Analysis

Small index cards Pencils or markers Activity Students compare and contrast topics by researching and ... man doing? baking cookies at the zoo library pet dog lost an earring first ...

Submitter: nabrosky
Step up to Writing

Compare and Contrast Title = Shoes Step 2: List 12 ... One way-Another way First-Another ... Outline Accordion Paragraph Activity 4 Accordion Paragraph Begin at 2nd grade ...

Submitter: jjaa
Sample Lesson Plan 1

: Students will be able compare and contrast ... instructional activity. The ... First, we list the original skill and strategy compare and contrast characters with the ...

Submitter: atxsmile
The Five Major Religions

BluePrint Skill: Grade 7 History Compare and contrast the tenets of the five major world religions ... Judaism The Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, is the ...

Submitter: brady-mccoy
Author Study: Eric Carle

We drew the texts together to compare and contrast themes, characters, and ideas. ... When he was in first grade, he and his family moved to Germany. Please click ...

Submitter: glyder44

1 of 8 T HE L ITTLE R ED H EN By Heather Forest First Grade ... Red Hen INSTRUCTIONAL PLAN Introductory Activity: ... Compare and contrast the details of these stories.

Submitter: waqar
Directions for the Comparison or Contrast Essay

First Draft Directions To earn all of the points on your prewriting sheet, do ... Next, decide if you want to compare or contrast as your primary strategy.

Submitter: piecekeskinia
4A_Comparing Earth and Moon Environments An Educators Guide with ...

This provides more grade ... and images to compare/contrast the Earth ... Preparing for the Activity/Introduction How do the Earth and Moon compare?, is the first ...

Submitter: bsteadman
No Slide Title

Student Activity #3 Compare and Contrast- Students will be exposed to ... will need to plant the smallest plant first ... 417-01 Instructor: Dr. Helms Rainforests Grade ...

Submitter: ultimateemailuser
Solar and Lunar Eclipse

Grade Level: 5th Time Frame: 90 minutes . Instructional Objective. compare, and contrast the changes that occur on a regular ... along with the flashlight is for the first ...

Submitter: jamibrau
Math and Thinking Maps

... Double Bubble Map-like a Venn diagram--compare/contrast ... What do you do first, second, third, and so forth ... Use document camera Use this tree map activity at the ...

Submitter: tsvetelina-andreou
Transition Words

Transitions of Addition Common Words And Also Besides Too First Next Last ... For instance, In general, Finally, Transition Words Words to Add, Compare, Contrast ...

Submitter: bailey

Grade Level Standard: 2-1 Compare and contrast characteristics and functions of plants. ... Do this activity the first thing in the morning and again in the ...

Submitter: technodude60
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