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you should decide whether to quote, summarize, or paraphrase a passage from a resource ... There is also the documentation and LOBO, which is a separate grade. The paper should ...

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For Grade

... The Narrative Communication Process (Fictional ... Write on Target for Grade 3 2005 Englefield Associates, Inc. 17 COPYING IS PROHIBITED Read the passage aloud.

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An Introduction to Wilson Boulevard Elementary School

Using a fictional Grade 4 classroom as the setting for this example, you are ... minute 2nd Grade Passage Reading Fluency 75 words correct/minute 3rd Grade Passage ...

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At the end of the story, (real/fictional character) realized that _____? There is enough information in the (passage ... their presentations (The 3rd grade team ...

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The sample FCAT passages appear by permission of the Florida ...

a comic book C. a fictional storybook. D. a science magazine. M2 Spring 2005 ELA GLCE 3rd Grade Assessment http://mmc ... M2 Spring 2005 ELA GLCE 3rd Grade Assessment http ...

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... read reading comprehension passage ... subject, teach key facts - Can be fictional or non-fiction 2. Write: can be done individually or in groups (1st person, 3rd ...

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English_____ Name of story analyzing _____ By _____ Published_____ SHORT STORY ELEMENTS WORKSHEET - Fill in the following as ...

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Outlined in state standards

Grade level: 3rd Grade. Lesson Essential Questions and ... an exert from a book, then students will read a passage ... Students will identify key points of a fictional story ...

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Summarize - The Reading Lady

Ask students to be silent and then to write only two different words that reflect their thinking about a passage. After selections, students should tell others the words ...

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Gade Level: 3rd Grade Big Idea: SC History ... *A fictional account of Harriet Tubmans childhood. ... Shows what was happening before the passage of the ...

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Forest Park Elementary Grade 3 Schedule of Mini Lessons

Forest Park Elementary Grade 3 Schedule of Mini Lessons ... Most fictional stories have a middle, in which the problem ... the description of the character using the passage or boo ...

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... level nonfiction passage about sharks, for example, than a fictional 2nd grade level passage ... 6th grade student might be building fluency by reading at her 3rd grade ...

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Kansas State Reading and Assessment Guide

... by the Kansas State Board of Education on July 2003) Grade 3rd ... Test Specification Notes (official) MC PB Passage types: N, E For narrative (fictional ...

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Standard Reading Assessment Passages

The number of words to be written for each passage by grade, and, 2. Criteria for the number of syllables and sentences per 100 words per grade as determined by the Fry ...

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September Kindergarten Framework

... district-wide literacy instruction based on grade level ... Use headings to locate information in a passage, or ... purpose, theme, mood, point of view (first person, 3rd ...

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Including More Informational Text in the Primary Grades

Some have attributed the fourth grade slump to ... about what they already know, predict what the passage ... than some other kinds of text such as fictional narrative ...

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Grade Writing Assessments

Seventh Grade Writing 23 Fictional Narrative: Grade 7 Instructions to the Students All work is to be done in class. You have THREE sessions to complete the assignment.

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GRADE 2 WRITING: Additional Tasks/Samples

Grade 2 Writing Stories: Additional Sample 1 Stories about Pets Context Students in ... difference between fact and fiction, and brainstormed possible content for a fictional ...

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3rd Grade

... the main idea What is the main idea of the passage? ... useful for fully appreciating and understanding fictional ... 3rd GRADE. DEVELOP CLEAR THINKING. Each week has a thinking ...

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Reading: Fluency

F3-1: Read an unrehearsed 3rd grade passage orally with rhythm, flow and expression with ... Story Elements ACS5-6: Identify and describe the point-of-view in fictional ...

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Harcourt Book 1-1

READING PASSAGE SAMPLE: The teacher can replace the ... thoughts when they have finished reading a fictional ... the checklist putting the terminology into 3rd grade ...

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Fifth Grade Curriculum Overview

... 630.636.3080 | Fifth Grade ... text and targeted audience; Determine if the passage is fictional ... of ideas MATHEMATICS District # 308 utilizes the 3rd ...

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2006 Mississippi Language Arts Framework-Revised Second Grade ... 4) Identify favorite passages and explain why the passage is a favorite, citing text ...

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Reading Passage A2007 Benchmark Grade 3

* B to enjoy a humorous fictional story. C to learn ... ELKINS ELEMENTARY (NEVIN) 3RD GRADE ... 28/2008 8:52:00 PM Other titles: Reading Passage A2007 Benchmark Grade ...

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Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd ... Orally identify the main idea of a passage and details ... Short fictional. Long fictional. Non-fiction. Poetry . 1.a

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Literary Indicator

This passage is an example of..(insert genre) Literary ... This would include fictional as well as informational and ... Notes 3rd Grade Fourth Nine Weeks Row 3 3rd Grade ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

... accept reading a 2nd grade level nonfiction passage about sharks, for example, than a fictional 2nd grade ... you are adult readers and this is really a 3rd grade passage, I ...

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Pennsylvania Assessment Anchor Content Standards and Eligible ...

... and Eligible Content Sample Question Stems 7 th Grade ... styles: one that reprints the sentence from the passage ... and describe the point of view of the narrator in fictional ...

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Main Idea and Supporting Details

Read the Passage and Choose the Main Idea Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful ... Main Idea and Supporting Details Third Grade SPI 0301.6.2 Identify the stated ...

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Semester Exam Review

... Exam Review. AdvancedLanguage Arts. 7th grade ... 3rd person is an outsiders point of view ... Main Idea of a nonfiction passage is similar to theme in a fictional story: what ...

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Text Structures

In some elementary-grade classrooms, expository text structures are not taught as ... textbook reading is their lack of ability to identify the organization of a passage of ...

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Reading Grade 4

ARMT GRADE 4 READING i ALABAMA STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Governor Bob Riley - President ... Use examples from the passage to explain your answer. Write your response in the answer ...

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Inter-Lakes School District

Inter-Lakes School District Meredith, New Hampshire

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