Compilation for 2003 the cumulative number n of aids cases
The Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS

Based on Bell, Devarajan, and Gerbasch, 2003 and 2004 Messages AIDS is ... 1994 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Year Cumulative Number of AIDS cases in India December, 2004 (n=1 ...

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Fact Sheet: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the United States - 2005 UPDATE

... 9). 2,9 The South had the greatest number of people estimated to be living with AIDS ... Top 10 States/ Areas AIDS Case Rate (2003) Figure 2: Cumulative Reported AIDS Cases ...

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A Brief Profile of HIV/AIDS Among Latinos in CA

... Risk, 20032006 Part 4 Mode of HIV Exposure Among Cumulative Adult/Adolescent Female AIDS Cases ... in the number of persons living with AIDS Over 55% of Latina AIDS cases ...

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The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the United States-Fact Sheet

... recommended were receiving it in 2003. 9 ... 100%) U.S. Case Rate 14.0 State AIDS Cases through 2005 Number (%) ... Figure 2: Top Ten States by Cumulative Reported AIDS Cases and by ...

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... Thank you HIV/AIDS in Indian Country U.S. AIDS cases Through December 2003 Cumulative Growth in AI AIDS Cases Through 2003 Disproportionate Increase in AIDS The number ...

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Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia - Report on Progress ...

As per the Fifth Report (June 2004), by mid-2003 the cumulative number of AIDS cases in the country was estimated at 147,000. The estimated number of new AIDS cases in

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Indonesia : epidemiological fact sheets on HIV/AIDS and sexually ...

By 31 December 2003, the cumulative number of AIDS cases and deaths were 1371 and 479, respectively. The male-to-female ratio among reported cases in 2003 was 4.7:1.

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... on December 31, 2003. Since the HIV (not AIDS ... HIV (n=12), AIDS (n=0). Table 8: Cumulative Cases of ... Cumulative AIDS Cases refers to the total number of persons ...

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HIV Surveillance Report 2003

... Cumulative Cases Minnesota HIV/AIDS Surveillance: Cumulative Cases z As of December 31, 2003, a cumulative ... by Mode of Exposure Diagnosis Years 2001-2003 combined n = Number of ...

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The Third International Conference on AIDS

By the end of December 2003, Cumulative reported HIV infections were 62,159, AIDS cases were 8,742, AIDS ... Taiwan in 1984 with the first diagnosed AIDS cases. The number ...

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HIV/AIDS in Rural and Non-Rural Counties Florida

Cumulative Number of AIDS Cases Rural and Non-Rural Florida ... Adult Female HIV Cases (regardless of AIDS status) by Mode of Exposure Florida, 2001-2003 Rural N=654 Non-Rural N ...

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HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia

Since 1984, a cumulative total of 107,575 AIDS cases have been reported ... In February 2003, the U.N. Population Division ... for estimating future number of AIDS cases. providing ...

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National Report on the Follow-up to the World Summit for Children

HIV/AIDS: The number of cumulative AIDS cases in Romania is 6,117 cases per 22 ... 2000-2003, are results expected at the end of 2003. These include: Decrease in the number ...

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(Retrieved June 2003). ii Surveillance report: Number of cumulative AIDS cases through December 31, 2002 . (Retrieved June 2003). iii New Hampshire county selection map

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state health profiles 2010**

... 17th highest among the 50 states in cumulative reported AIDS cases. ... HBV and HCV infection, and of that number ... hepatitis C infection to CDC in 2003. Estimated AIDS ...

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Strategic Plan Narrative Responses

Increase and/or improve the number of public facilities Increase ... As of the end of 2003, there were 968 cumulative AIDS cases for Hidalgo and Cameron Counties.

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... through formula grants to qualified states with the largest number of AIDS cases ... (Retrieved March 2003). 2002 Cumulative AIDS data taken from Quarterly and cumulative HIV ...

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HIV/AIDS in Rural and Non-Rural Counties Florida Data as of 12/2003 Cumulative Number of AIDS Cases Rural and Non-Rural Florida, Data Through 2003 Cumulative Number ...

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HIV/AIDS Prevalence Mortality Report, 2010 - MN Dept of Health

... women only) Minnesota HIV/AIDS Surveillance: Cumulative Cases Estimated Number of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in ... based HIV infection surveillance since at least 2003 ...

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In 2003 alone, the number AIDS-related death in the country ... is still at a stage where the cumulative number of HIV ... also account for a significant number of cases (19.3 ...

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... below 14 years constitute 4.3 percent of the cumulative AIDS cases ... This data is for the year 2003 and not a cumulative figure of the number of HIV infected children ...

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MSM and HIV/AIDS: A Resurgent Epidemic ?

... Cases By Mode of Exposure Florida, Through 2003 Comment: Though the cumulative number of PLWHA cases ... S) Syphilis Pinellas County, 1998-2003 Reported AIDS Cases By Age ...

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Current Epidemiology of Selected STDs

... in 13- to 19- Years-Old Cumulative through 2003, United States, N = 2,390 Reported AIDS Cases, by Age and Sex Cumulative through 2003United States Estimated Number ...

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Focus Area 1 Access to Quality Health Services Progress Review

... Cumulative cases diagnosed (as of 12/2005): 952,629 Number ... 2003 2005 Number of new cases/deaths In thousands P r e v a l e n ... Number of new cases Perinatally Acquired AIDS ...

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Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services Needs Assessment

Number of Persons Diagnosed with AIDS each Calendar Year of 2003, 2004, 2005 and Cumulative Totals by Gender ... As of 2003, of the 101 cumulative AIDS cases for females ...

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HIV Sentinel surveillance

In October 2002, NACO released a study of cumulative AIDS cases ... 069 billion yields DOTS coverage by March 2003 of 62.2 percent.) RNTCP also reported that the number of ...

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... 901 Cumulative Estimated # of AIDS Cases ... 2003): 2,608,479 AIDS Cases by ... Cumulative estimated number of diagnoses of AIDS through 2004 State/Territory # of AIDS Cases in ...

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